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The of STALLIONZ’s craftsmanship hand made design. It is the bat


A well-balanced bat with an low middle, the Solution is designed to allow the compact modern batsman to maximise efficiency on a slow, low English wicket, and excel off the front foot.

Weight 2.8 lbs

Size SH mens

Grade 4

Note this bat hasn’t cover the stallionz Warranty

Stallionz Thunder player SH

Hors TVA

    • Mid- Low middle profile
    • Big Edges (38 - 40mm)

    • Light Pick-Up

    • Conforms to the MCC & ICC bat regulations

    • Classical profile with a tapered (flat) toe.
    • Traditional fuller profile ensuring exquisite balance and a huge middle..
    • English willow  -Massive Sweet Spot
    • Starting weights from 2lb 09oz
    • Naturally ‘Air Dried

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