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Designed for YOUR game Stallionz EMPEROR is crafted from selected English willow with a round 12 piece cane handle fitted with an Extreme Grip for ideal balance and pick up.


EMPEROR presents its full power low down in the blade and is particularly suited to those who like to get on their front foot and play down the ground in the ‘V’.

EMPEROR  attacking low middle is also well suited to those who find themselves playing their shots on low bounce surfaces.


Stallionz Cricket WILD also features a mid blade Massive sweet spot with maximum sized edges for WILD power, why just go big when you could go WILD.

Stallionz" EMPEROR" BATS

PrixÀ partir de 199,20£
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  • >  English willow > Massive Sweet Spot > Edge Thickness: 40mm to 42mm > Edge Profile: Square > Spine Height: 60mm to 65mm > Handle: Round (12 Piece) > Weight: 2lb 8oz to 3lb 2oz > ‘Pre knocked -Ready to Play > Naturally ‘Air Dried

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